Rocky Mountain Soccer Academy

Soccer Club in Aurora, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains Soccer Academy is based in Aurora, Colorado with branches in the Highlands Ranch area and Southeast  Aurora. RMSA offers children of all ages (4-19) the opportunity to learn to play youth soccer and learn the fundamentals in a fun environment.

RMSA teaches Brazilians style soccer which has propelled Brazil to an unprecedented five (5) World CUP championships. RMSA was established in 1994 and is known for its success in developing confident and excellent soccer players from a young age. 

We concentrate in developing strong soccer basics at the early stages of development.  Different facets of the game are introduced according to the player’s age culminating in the higher levels of Brazilian soccer tactics.

Unlike most soccer clubs in Colorado, all recreational coaches are required to attend coaching clinics where they learn how to teach players at the different ages of development.  These clinics introduce the coaches to the RMSA coaching philosophy and our Brazilian style.  Competitive coaches undergo similar training but with an advanced curriculum.  

RMSA is more than a soccer club. We are truly a soccer academy dedicated to the youth players' development.  At the 3, 4, 5, and 6 year old level players are taught many soccer skills, and movements in a really fun, non-competitive environment under the direction of a highly exprerienced youth soccer coach.  Children 7 years of age and up child will be placed on a teams and will receive instruction from our well-trained staff of volunteer coaches.  At RMSA, you and your child can grow and progress together to the highest level of soccer.


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Give us feedback!

RMSA wants to work to IMPROVE the soccer experience for everybody! 

Let us know what you think about how we are doing. We want to know what you as members of this club want from us. It is important that we hear your feedback so we can take note of what is or is not working for our members. 

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