King Soopers Fundraiser

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King Soopers Fundraiser

RMSA parents, families, and friends,

King Soopers has a community rewards program where you can earn money to pay for your child's RMSA soccer expenses by shopping at King Soopers and buying gas at King Soopers/Loaf ‘N Jug gas stations.

This program is completely optional for RMSA families, and it is FREE to sign up. To join you will need a King Soopers rewards card/loyalty account. If you join the community rewards program, 5% of the money you spend on groceries and gas comes back to you and can be used to pay any RMSA club-related expenses.

The more you shop at King Soopers and get gas at King Soopers/Loaf ‘N Jug, the more you can earn. Many families average $100+ per year, which can be used to pay for registration, uniforms, and tournaments. You can even have your friends and family add RMSA as their organization (following the steps below) to raise money for a player or the club. They just need to send you a screenshot of their funds raised, which you will then pass along as listed below.

To participate in the King Soopers fundraiser, you will need to connect your King Soopers account to RMSA on the King Soopers Community Rewards site.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your King Soopers account (or create a new account).
  3. Type in "RMSA" or “XE005” in the "Find an Organization" box and click "Search".
  4. Click on "Enroll" in the box that has RMSA's information.
  5. Shop like you normally do and earn money to help pay your child's RMSA expenses (registration, tournaments, etc.).

Tracking and using your earnings:

  • Fundraising dollars will be sent to RMSA each quarter.
  • An email will be sent out quarterly requesting a screenshot of your funds raised. Families will then need to report the money they raise each quarter by sending a screenshot to Amber Dalrymple via email at This information can be obtained by logging in to your King Soopers account and selecting the Community Rewards tab/section.
  • The money earned for each player/family will be recorded in your player’s fundraising account.
  • When you want to use fundraising money for an RMSA expense, work with Amber Dalrymple to request a funds transfer to pay the expense

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